The many various conflicting ideas usually strengthens the lie

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cheap moncler coats for women Understanding where “I” am coming fromJump to Last Post 1 15 of 15 discussions (167 posts)The to and fro of argument, agreement, disagreement has got me wondering: If each of us has a belief, a set of values to suit our self, in moncler jackets outlet keeping with the religious concepts we are attached to and embrace, can we come to some kind of consensus about what is fundamental, central, to living a civilized life in an integrated society?If each of us, whether Christian moncler outlet jackets or Muslim or Buddhist or Jehovah’s Witness or Pagan or Atheist whichever religion you like to think of were willing to separate the values which are specific to the particular belief structure from the core, fundamental factors for a civilized society, let’s find out from all who are reading this, cheap moncler what YOU regard as the core, fundamental factors.Please, think carefully about this. See if what you accept as “true” for your life is specific to your faith/belief, or whether it is something general which can apply to us all, regardless of belief.kessposted 5 years agoin reply to thisThe problem is created not necessarily because of the diverging opinions presented, but more by the arrogance of the presenters.All things is TrueThere is nothing true except the Truth.Truth works for one and works for all.All are aware of Truth except those who do not believe that they are.You begin to believe that you are unaware of the Truth when you desire the lie more than Truth.The Lie gives birth to arrogance and arrogance causes you to cling to the lie.Humility alone restore the Truth.The many various conflicting ideas usually strengthens the lie rather than show the Truth.The arrogant do not desire the TruthThose who desire Truth are humble.Great honest question ;0) here is my take or $10 worth!!!Where in the world is God today?In this fast paced modern Hi Tech internet age has He fallen behind like the rest of moncler sale outlet the people who refused to conform to the latest craze or fad? Did He pack His bags and head off to a distant planet to start all over again? Only this time no forbidden fruit on a tree and Satan has been left behind to terrorize those that did not make the grade.If you look at the growth of religious orders and cheap moncler jackets sale gospels and mega churches He should be able to find a welcome spot. Sounds kind of crazy, and yet if Will came back to life and walked among them would they accept him into their fold? Or would they have painted such an unrealistic picture of him that they would call him an impostor and politely ask him to leave? Book him into a mental hotel or Find him a place on Jerry Springer.” See Willy slap the Dickens out of Prince Charles live on Springer!!!!I think its time someone yelled stop the bus! And let’s see who is actually on it. cheap moncler coats for women

moncler outlet usa Trading and investing are about patience first and foremost. It is about detachment from what the collective consciousness is doing and positioning yourself in anticipation of a move. The anticipation is not an expectation of profits, rather it is an understanding of human behaviour. moncler outlet usa

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cheap moncler Right. Despite all the delays and cost overruns, SLS is going to launch, but what of value (if anything) will it launch? NASA entire Cislunar spaceflight architecture makes little operational sense. It feels like a circular justification to steadily spend the Congress mandated billions on low risk hardware while doing nothing of scientific value for the next 10 years.. cheap moncler

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